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my name is persephone (per-seff-uhh-nee) or sephie for short ; i'm a quiet human (also an elven sushi princess of the forest) with an INFJ personality type and a love for nature, anime, and cosplay,... nia teppelin is my spirit animal ᕙ(⇀‸↼*)ᕗ i speak some english and swedish, and a little korean.
i live on vancouver island in canada and i am really grateful for my country. im shy,,but please dont be afraid to speak to me sweethearts i really like to talk to people and help!

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i hope you like anime, fandom art, cosplays, flowers/fauna, cute things, motivation and poetry.// my main fandoms are gurren lagann, anohana, madoka magica, warcraft, tsuritama, metalocalypse, and adventure time,,! for my anime list, click here.

the stranger

one night when i was walking
i came across a man
confused, he started talking
the guy could barely stand

he told me i was special
but before i asked why
he said that i’m the only one
that knows that he’s alive

we discussed private matters
i told him about you
we agreed love is pointless
and shared a smoke or two

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