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my name is persephone (per-seff-uhh-nee) or sephie for short ; i'm a quiet human (also an elven sushi princess of the forest) with an INFJ personality type and a love for nature/fauna, art, and nerd stuff/cosplay,... nia teppelin is my spirit animal ᕙ(⇀‸↼*)ᕗ i speak some english and swedish.
i live on vancouver island in canada and i am really grateful for my country. im shy, but please dont be afraid to speak to me sweethearts

to navigate my blog, use the little buttons on my other sidebar to the right; my personal tag is "~", so you can blacklist it, or just look at it?

i hope you like anime, flowers/animals, cute things, motivation and poetry.// my main fandoms are gurren lagann, anohana, madoka magica, warcraft, tsuritama, metalocalypse, and adventure time,,!


Lots and lots of plants


By ベルちぁん


By ベルちぁん

태그: omg so cute?, hamtaro,


i get anxious for people who fall asleep on public transit. like where is your home? how many stops have you missed? this was not a time for a nap

태그: same???,


The reason Canadians are so nice is easily explained. Once a year, on the sixth full moon all Canadians gather beneath the stars and perform a ritual that sucks all their meanness and cruelty and places it in Canadian Geese.

태그: i can confirm this, stay away from the geese,
I am not comfortable
in my own skin;
But I am trying
to be. Damn it,
I am trying to be.



태그: eeee i want one i love it so much, i want to be this goat's friend,


girl hate is toxic, I don’t have time or patience for girls making fun of each other’s bodies etc

태그: important,